Manila by Night V.2

Are you afraid of the dark?  Well, if it happens that you come with people packed with camera and enthusiasm your fear will turn into fun. This is something I experienced when I joined Manila By Night of Powerhouse G5 last 2013 of December 29 that hopefully you’ll try next time.

Manila By Night as in the movie?

No, but you can create audio visual presentation, music video or documentary out of it because it’s a long photowalk in the famous and historical places. Yes, Powerhouse G5 (PhG5) do this after 6 in the evening when you’ll witness the other side of Manila, when you depend on the capabilities of your camera and  when all you have to do is to explore.
 In my years here on earth, I can’t count how many times I visit Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, Sta. Cruz Church, Binondo, Metropolitan Theater, Philippine Post Office and other areas inside or outside Intramuros. But seeing those places at night is like seeing Manila in different dimension. The colourful lights that give life to statuesque buildings, ordinary alleys and neglected infrastructure invite you to take pictures.  It’s a great time to challenge your skills in photography while considering also the historical richness of your objects.  To tell you, I enjoyed listening to PhG5 founders Stephen Pamorada and Axl Guinto because though they are younger than me, they know so many facts.  Okay now, I can’t boast that I’m good in history.

A fun adventure for Owls courtesy of PhG5

Are you sensitive in UV rays or heat of the scorching sun? This friendly and safe adventure of PhG5 is definitely cool for night owls (and early birds too) like me.   This is also what’s nice about in photowalk when the moon is up there because you don’t need to bring extra paraphernalia such as fan, cap or umbrella.   You’ll enjoy socializing with fellow bloggers, travellers or photographers.
Honestly, there are many things you’ll realize in doing photowalk like your knowledge about Philippine history, the real status of our cultural heritage sites (hello Metropolitan theatre!), and if you’re really into photography. By the way, do you know the famous ice cream parlor along Escolta?
So see you soon in Manila By Night or other photowalks of Powerhouse G5!      

Photowalk Location from Binondo to Luneta Park
Written by:  and Photo by Axlppi

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