Galing Gumaca!

Four to five ours away from the buzzing city of Manila is the Municipality of Gumaca, Quezon. Located at the mouth of what is now known as Pipisik River and nestling at the foot of the Sierra Madre range, it was – as it is now – also the center of local trade and commerce.

A friend had me tag along the ride and experience one of the best week ever.


We arrive at a small Inn with a wonderful sea side view from your window. Though I apologize for forgetting the Inn’s name but the family who owns it welcomes us with a kind heart, not to mention the delicious food they served us. 

After a hearty Lunch we head straight to my friend's family clinic and was fascinated with his dad's antique collection (by the way we were heading to Atimonan that afternoon...).

An hour or two travel time is all it takes from Gumaca to Atimonan and the place is like any other typical place though, no one told me if there’s going to be a festival either but the whole experience is great specially for my Macro Lens.




When we had returned, take dinner and rest; I woke up at around 4 in the morning but stayed in bed until quarter to five. I was informed that their is no sunset in Gumaca, Only SUNRISE!. So as the sun rises, clouds form and use your “Imagination”. 


Have you seen the whale? Trying to take advantage of the sun’s not so hot rays and lights I come up with this.


So comes Gumaca’s Festival, Araña’t Balwarte, so too shorten things up here’s what I see before, during and after the festival:


To feel the Quezon experience a taste of their Pancit:


After that gut busting meal, its back to the streets.


The very next day and the last day of my Quezon expedition another sunrise and what I think is the best. We will return to Manila but a pit stop to the Municipality of Lucban to see what is left in the Pahiyas Festival.


Nothing really beats a good memory of the place specially when something politely refuses to be taken. But to see this sunrise, a tear in my eye, and a realization that not everything that glitters are gold. 


Article and Photo © Mark John Dañas

An International Event: "The World Bamboo Organ Day"

I still remember the first time I watched an International Event, which revealed my experience in life as a Musician. The concert hall was filled with people I didn't remember, but there existed closeness, the thickness of the blood. Each was a member of the group I joined for several years. I was too sick from the never-ending flight to express the joy.
It was an opportunity to be with a group of Phg5 collaboration with the HCS-Y and Heritage Lakwatseros in St. Joseph Parish (Bamboo Organ), Las Piñas City to watch an International Event entitled World Organ Day last 6th of May 2013. It was a tribute concert in celebration of the 850th anniversary of Norte-Dame de Paris and on the occasion of the Feast of St. Joseph. The featuring organist from Las Piñas and Manila under the tutelage of Maestro Armando Salarza was really made the whole event effective in additional wa with the Manila Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Strings Players and Ferdinand M. Bautista (MCB Liturgical Music Minister)
Musician performed lists of classical pieces from early 18th century during Baroque period composers such as J.S.Bach, G.F.Handel, Padre Antonio Soler, Stanley Goodwin, Simon Stubley, Henry Purcell, Louis-Claude Daquin and composed instrument with the transition of Trumpet, Harpsichord and excerpt Sonatas.
All the pieces were good. But one thing I was touched that one of my most favorite classical pieces was performed by a young lady named Denalene Kyla Encabo who really played perfectly as it is. It was “Air from Suite No. 3 in D” which I have known as “Air on the G String” by Johann Sebastian Bach. I was crying and emotionally for the whole piece. It was really a great piece for me it is the best. Beautiful story behind the music.
The group really enjoyed the event and amazed how young ages enhance in playing this kind of instrument. The program was dedicated for the Heritage of the Bamboo Organ. As Maestro Armando Salarza said to our group “Buti yan, at mayroong mga kabataang gaya nyo pa ang nakaka-appreciate ng ganitong mga event. Karamihan sa iba bali wala nalang sakanila. Keep on encouraging other people to support our own heritage.” He said.

Article by Alexandra Levantino Remonde and Photos by Axl Guinto

Powerhouse G5 invades 7th Digital Photography Philippines Anniversary!

It was a very hot day - all were sweating from the iconic yet very humble photographer idols, enthusiasts, hobbyists, to the beautiful models - but who the heck cares! It was an enjoyable whole day of free photography seminars from fashion and portraiture, visual story telling, live shooting in the field, to wedding videography, and tips on how to use and mix strobes and speed lights. Congrats DPP! (Contributing photographers: Bernard Eirrol Tugade & Axl Guinto)

04 May 2013 | Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines

Black-Out Photoshoot

The place is set, the black shirts are on and the dramatic shadows were just in the right tone! Perhaps you are all a bit puzzled of what is this all about, well we’re talking about first exclusive photo shoot for the year 2013 of Powerhouse G5(PhG5), held at, Las Piñas Last march 9th. The said photo shoot was entitled “Black out” and as what the term connotes I believe that it, somehow, gives you  a hint of what to expect in the photographs.

The theme used same as the title was called “Blackout” a modern yet classy approach in photography where the primary color of the elements used was mostly black. The said theme is one of the trendiest themes used by various photographers nowadays and it was just a fascinating concept for the newest PhG5 photo shoot.
The photographer for PhG5’s Blackout photo shoot was Mr. Troy Espiritu (credentials) and he is one of the newest addition into the growing family of the said group, and through this photo shoot he had proven he’s worth on PhG5.

Now here are the following models who were actually some of the pioneers and some of the newest members of PhG5 which are built up by aspiring photographers and bloggers.

 Charlie Anne Espiritu

 Axl Guinto


Mark John Dañas

Overall the shoot was a success and from here we can expect more great and interesting photo shoot to come.

For More Photos of the event you can go on the official facebook

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