Black-Out Photoshoot

The place is set, the black shirts are on and the dramatic shadows were just in the right tone! Perhaps you are all a bit puzzled of what is this all about, well we’re talking about first exclusive photo shoot for the year 2013 of Powerhouse G5(PhG5), held at, Las Piñas Last march 9th. The said photo shoot was entitled “Black out” and as what the term connotes I believe that it, somehow, gives you  a hint of what to expect in the photographs.

The theme used same as the title was called “Blackout” a modern yet classy approach in photography where the primary color of the elements used was mostly black. The said theme is one of the trendiest themes used by various photographers nowadays and it was just a fascinating concept for the newest PhG5 photo shoot.
The photographer for PhG5’s Blackout photo shoot was Mr. Troy Espiritu (credentials) and he is one of the newest addition into the growing family of the said group, and through this photo shoot he had proven he’s worth on PhG5.

Now here are the following models who were actually some of the pioneers and some of the newest members of PhG5 which are built up by aspiring photographers and bloggers.

 Charlie Anne Espiritu

 Axl Guinto


Mark John Dañas

Overall the shoot was a success and from here we can expect more great and interesting photo shoot to come.

For More Photos of the event you can go on the official facebook

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