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Inside Ayuntamiento de Manila EXCLUSIVE

The 1st multimedia group who had the privilege to enter and experience the grandeur of one of the old Manila’s most important edifice during the Spanish and American periods.

We had a very rare chance to enter inside the reconstructed Casa Consistorales, also known as the Ayuntamiento de Manila building in Intramuros' Plaza Roma through the monthly Postal Heritage Tour of Sir Lawrence Chan. It is one of the most historic site in the Philippines, being the first City Hall of Manila, Office of the Spanish Governor General, the first House of Representatives, the first Supreme Court, among other significant functions. The original building was destroyed during World War II, and in 2010 reconstruction has been started to house the offices of the Bureau of the Treasury. One of the most grandiose features of the Ayuntamiento is the Marble Hall, where the Congress held its sessions before its transfer to the Legislative Building. In the same hall were the remains of Dr. Jose Rizal placed for funeral rites before its eventual transfer to the Rizal Monument in December, 1912. Reconstruction is still ongoing, and the building is yet to open to the public most probably this year.

Special thanks to sir Lawrence Chan of Filipinas Stamp Collector's Club and Atty. Tan, the administrator of the Ayuntamiento de Manila Building, for this awesome experience.

Here some of the pictures inside the Ayuntamiento de Manila

Contribute article by Stephen Pamorada and Axl Guinto
Photo by Matthew Dumlao

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