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Manila By Night V3.0 : A night with hobbyist photographers

Manila By Night
Written by Mj Gonzales

There were events in your life that’s simply unforgettable. Perhaps, you found enjoyment or great realization in those things. With Manila By Night version 3 last December 30, I found it a worthy photowalk event as I rediscovered Manila’s richness, learned photography 101 for free with friends, and experienced I am part of passionate community.

Manila By Night: A night with hobbyist photographers

It’s not about that I am only using point and shoot digital camera and they (photographers) had superb gadgets for photography. It’s about walking with various passionate individuals, aiming to take good photos in places in the same breath.

At that day, I couldn't stop to eavesdrop and observe my fellow attendees. It helped me to understand hobbyist (veteran) photographers without uttering a single question. They tend to mount their cams and pods as fast as they could, but once they already taking photos they’re were very meticulous in angles, lighting, subjects or whatever factors that were important for their ( next time I’ll ask) compositions.

To tell you, it was hard to take photos in busy districts of Quiapo and Binondo plus Luneta AT NIGHT. Apart from its risky, you have to double time your effort in consideration of other members. Thus, it’s understandable if some went home early and commendable if some finished the whole the itinerary.
Certainly, I wouldn't realize how important monopod and knowing your camera’s features if I wasn't part of Manila By Night. It’s like I wouldn't dare treat my camera the same way again because it became the extension of my eyes to see the other side of things. Furthermore, it’s my tool to re-imagine a journey of life and at the same time, to document. IMHO, hobbyist photographers would grow old very positive because they experienced the reality, complexity and beauty of their surroundings.

Manila By Night:  a glimpse of society in the evening 

Unless your work is not night shift or you’re a party animal, you would probably sing Lonely is the Night (by Air Supply) right? MBNv3 let me felt complexity of a community when I the moon enthroned sun. It was amusing to see Filipino families staying at Rizal Park and it’s also heart pounding to witness children sleeping in the streets around 10pm- 12 am.

I also remembered my schooldays when I saw youngsters dancing and playing in the fields, the first time I visit Binondo Church or Luneta, and when I thought I am the poorest and loneliest kid in town.

This photowalk taught me that you would find a company, meaningful chats and simple joys in the evening. It’s like in between talks you learned photography, history of Manila, horror stories or other interesting travels. And you know what, it’s nice that for once I forgot about pc ,cp and tablet… Bye Virtual friends hello real social life!

I congrats AXLPowerhouse, Volunteers of Kasa Boix and Powerhouse G5 for the success of this event. Keep it up!

I hope you experience Manila ByNight too!  See you next time, Yo!

About the Author
Mj Gonzales is the bonafide member of Powerhouse G5 since year 2013, she a blogger from and a freelance online writer.

Credit to the second and third photo to Patrick Dilla | first and last photos to Jhon Gorme

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